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Marie Parie debuted the World Premiere Music Video Release for her hit song, DATING (French version) off her New Album ALIEN VICTORY........OUT NOW!!!!!!
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Marie Parie: From Adversity to Artistic Alien

Marie Parie lives the very definition of “alien”. As a Parisian pop artist who has called the United States home since 2006, she witnesses American society from a unique point of view. Bewildered by the process of dating and motivated by the power of futuristic music, Marie shares these observations through her art. With her debut full-length album, Alien Victory, released in 2011 release, Marie anticipates us strange creatures being drawn to her playful and sexy vibe.

As a teen, and under the artistic guidance of her entourage, Marie continued to grow as a performer, singing regularly in the choir of “La Basilique de Saint Denis”, “Notre Dame de Paris”, in various school performances, and even acting -such as in the film Holby City, Hollywoo and more-. Once she decided to pursue her passion further and move to America, Marie arrived with nothing and nobody, once again solidifying her alien identity.

But despite the immersion into a new culture, Marie Parie was driven to succeed in her musical aspirations, performing in cities such as Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Santa Barbara. Her dedication to art and charismatic nature quickly gained the attention of entertainment professionals who were eager to help the cause. As a result of this support, Marie’s first single, “Dating”, will come to visual life through a video shoot that came live in 2012.

A bold, daring, sweetly infectious follow-up to "
Dating c'est Toc," whose fiery clip was a sensation on French TV MCM early 2014, the quickly emerging, Parisian born, L.A. based powerhouse's hot new track and video is the first of three on tap for up coming release, bundled as a standalone EP in anticipation of her highly anticipated full length set Blue Kiss.
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